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Hand hygiene has never been more important.

Proper hand hygiene is essential to protect yourself and others from bacteria and viruses.

For this we need easily accessible services with an experience that match your company and brand.

This has been missing.

To address this, we developed Dispenser Planet.

We deliver a connected platform approach combining top quality dispensers, hand sanitizers and services that makes the difference for today and tomorrow.



Dispenser Planet offers elegant design, swiss-made premium dispensers that are built to last.

Our smart connected dispensers include services that help you manage your location from basic hand sanitizing to full visitor and content management services.

The dispensers are easy to use, contactless, with mechanical or sensor for non-stop customer experience.

leading brands

Hand Sanitizers

We partner with the leading brands in the market. All our sanitizers share the same common criteria:

• Effective against Bacteria, Fungicide & Virus
• Nice scent
• Gentle to sensitive skin and hands
• Leave a soothing long-lasting effect
• Natural, without toxins, without preservatives
• Not leaving stains
• No damage to surface or materials
• Use recycled or bio-degradable packaging
• Certified and tested




We developed the unique Dispenser Planet cloud platform. The Level O Tronic centralized management eases the maintenance significantly as you now have full control of the installed dispensers and can
pro-active manage the services.

This results in cost savings and less downtime as you now have an enabled non-stop operation of the hand sanitizer distribution.

Ideal for clients with many locations and complex maintenance schedules.


Circular Economy

Dispenser Planet’s Rent-a-dispenser service allows our clients to offer their visitors a great hand sanitization experience without needing to buy a dispenser unit.

The environment benefits from our circular approach, where old units are collected, re-used, or remanufactured to get a second life. Our objective is to reduce wasting valuable resources in the recycling process.

We are there for you


We want every interaction with Dispenser Planet to be a smooth and high-quality experience.

Our customer & sales support teams are ready to respond to any type of request within 24-hours.